Competition Capriola’s Jewels
Finalist project

Ideal and formal reinterpretation of the jewel for new millennium
The jewelry line was born from a reflection on the relationship that mankind has with his own body, that body, which were delivered by a natural history and unchanging in its essence.
It is not difficult to see today’s experiments on the body for various reasons, ranging from research, to the dissatisfaction of surgeries, until you get to experience the masochistic body art Mutant.What I live and nearly all of these realities has led me to see, perhaps in a less extreme but definitely very personal, the body as malleable surface. I looked in the mirror, I realized how elasticit is our skin and how small and simple contractions going to generate different reactions in people who surround us.This is how the two jewels, two different systems pull the face: both anchored in the ears, follow the contour of the head and sprout from the hair.It is not just something that rests on the body and becomes ornament, but an object that interacts with it, molding it by slight pressure and flues at strategic points.This resulted are luminous signs of strong connotation.

Year 2000
Company Capriola Jewelry