Organizing and coordinating events and show

During the show, MIA – Milan Image Art Fair (May 4 to 6) DesignLibrary hosted within their own spaces, Metaillusion V by Foltran Marco, a performance action with video and installation, also held at the Fondazione Benetton StudiRicerche, Palazzo Bomben, Treviso, and the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo.The show includes a live performance that took place the evening of May 4th at 21:00 which was attended by 20 personalities selected from known critics, gallery owners and journalists of the most important magazines of art, design and food. In all areas of DesignLibrary have been sent the footage of past performance and exhibit the work selected for the 54th Venice Biennale.

Year 2012
Client DesignLibrary
Location DesignLibrary, Milan

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