Designer Giorgia BruseminiArch. Marta Naddeo
Light installation for LED, the International Festival of Light

Year 2009/2010
Location piazza Cadorna, Milano
Promoter City of Milan
Technical Partner Ora Elettrica S.p.a. –
Performance by ArtèDanza Company, Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia

The clock of Milan makes tic tac! What is your time?
Big cities, into the collective imagination, are defined by their citizens’ usual dynamism, energy and industry. Thus this rhythm of life plays a very important role on the way people live their time and, moreover, on the relationship among the time enjoyed by a single person, the time everybody lives suggested by urban dynamics and the objective or chronological time.
The feelings of love and hate towards the cities are most of all connected to these kind of dynamics: while some people take benefits, vitality and strength from a dynamic rhythm of life such as the metropolitan rhythm, many others can experience discomfort and feel like their own individual time is being constantly violated due to a forced lifestyle.
All the public clocks in the urban landscape become the way through which the different lifestyles are portrayed. The main installation is constituted by 8 clocks of different heights. Each clock represents a different way of living time, expressed by the different hands’ speed, the color of the clock face and the words on the sign under it. In order to spread the installation and its suggestive atmosphere this main idea has been also reproduced on single clocks in different districts of the city.